Quality Remodeling Solutions

Accent Exteriors in Regina offers several exterior design products to help you complete or update your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding - Accent Exteriors Vinyl siding is durable, low maintenance, weather resistant, and lasts for several years. We install vinyl siding, available in every color from white to black. Maintaining or upgrading your siding can greatly increase your home’s value. There are horizontal and vertical panel options available, along with traditional lap, Dutch lap, board and batten, beaded, shakes, and scallops designs. Our experienced contractors will create a high quality siding solution you’ll be proud to display. Gentek


Soffit - Accent Exteriors Accent Exteriors also has several soffit products available to add to the beauty of your home. Soffit is the visible external area underneath the overhang of your roof used to cover and protect wood from moisture and weather damage. We offer vinyl and aluminum soffit products, which are maintenance free and resistant to peeling, cracking, chipping, and blistering. Soffit is available in any color from subtle neutrals to bright accent colors. Gentek


We also offer fascia products, to be installed along with soffit or separately. This is the flat vertical panel between the roof edge and siding. It connects to both the soffit and the gutters, providing protection for external walls and window surfaces. Gentek

Windows & Doors

We also have a large variety of window and door products to suit your needs. Gentek windows were selected the most efficient windows in Canada (two years and running). From your front door to your basement, garage, and anywhere in between, our products are made with high quality glass and wood, vinyl, or aluminum. From replacements to new construction completion, we have the perfect solution for your home. Gentek


Decks - Accent Exteriors Accent Exteriors also has the products you need to build a beautiful deck. Whether you’re building a simple rectangular deck or a two-level, custom designed deck; we have the products you need. Our options include pressure-treated, cedar and composites. All types of railing including wood, aluminum, and composites are available. Our team will help you find the best material to build your ideal deck.

Window & Door Cladding

Our professional exterior installers also offer several window and door cladding options. Cladding adds distinctive style and additional sealing for protection against air and water leaks. We have several colors to choose from to match your existing needs, with simple and elabourate designs to choose from


Having adequate eavestroughing installed on the exterior of your home is essential for protecting your home from water runoff and debris. We work with any home design, whether you have a few eaves or several, installing durable steel 5 inch eaves that are weather resistant and long-lasting. We have colors to blend in or stand out, adding distinction to your exterior design.

Fibre Cement Siding

Fibre Cement Siding - Accent Exteriors Accent Exteriors in Regina also offers fibre cement siding, a modern alternative to real wood or vinyl siding. One of the most durable siding products in the industry, fibre cement is made with cement, sand, and wood fibers and completed with a special curing process that creates low moisture content. Finished and painted options are available, and its light weight makes it easy to install. It’s also environmentally friendly because it recycles wood. Contact us to learn more about fibre cement and our other high quality exterior products.